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All Chemistry Resources - Ammerman

Classes Taught at West Leadership 2016-7

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TOOLS of a CHEMIST Worksheets MetricMsmt1 MetricMsmt2 DimAnal Nonsense DimAnal Metric SigFigs Rules SigFigs Basics SigFigs Calcs More SigFigs SciNot Basics Density1 Density2

GAS LAW WORKSHEETS SG 14 SR 14.1 SR 14.2 SR 14.3 SR 14.4 CH 14 Pract Probs Boyles Boyles Law Charles Charles Law Gay-Lussac Law Combined Combined Gas Law Ideal Ideal Gas Law Daltons Grahams Mixed Gas Laws More Mixed Gas Laws

THERMOCHEM WORKSHEETS SR 17.1 Extra 17.1 SR 17.2 Extra 17.2 SR 17.3 Extra 17.3 SR 17.4 Extra 17.4 CH 17 Pract Probs SG 17 Intro to Therm Heat and Phase Heat Msmt Heat Trans Heat Calc Temp Msmt TempCalc CelciusKelvin Phase Energy Calorimetry Heat Calcs Joules Specific Heat

ATOMIC STRUCTURE WORKSHEETS SG 4 SR 4.1 SR 4.2 SR 4.3 CH 4 Pract Probs Atom Video Atomic Struct Calc P,N,e- Isotopes Isotope Probs Ave Atomic Mass 1 Ave Atomic Mass 2 Bohr Model Atomic Mobiles Atom Models Val E Basics Valance E w/s Bohr Model Atom CW

PERIODIC TABLE WORKSHEETS SG 6 SR 6.1 SR 6.2 SR 6.3 CH 6 Pract Probs ColorPT PTProps PTTrends1 PTTrends2 PT w/s PTScramble PT Words PT Crossword

ELECTRON CONFIGURATION WORKSHEETS SG 5 SR 5.1 SR 5.2 SR 5.3 CH 5 Pract Probs Electron Config Electron Dot Covalent Dot EConfig Pract Atom/EConfig CW Electron Probability Putting It Together

BONDING WORKSHEETS SG 7 SR 7.1 SR 7.2 SR 7.3 CH 7 Pract Probs SG 8 SR 8.1 SR 8.2 SR 8.3 SR 8.4 Shapes Valence Electrons Electron Config E Config L1 Lewis Structs Types of Rxns Ionic Bonds Covalent Bonds Bonding Crossword CH 8 Pract Probs

NAMES AND FORMULAS WORKSHEETS SG 9 SR 9.1 SR 9.2 Writing Formulas Molecular Formula Naming Ionic Cpds Naming Molec Cpds Writing Names Naming Acids CH 9 Pract Probs

BALANCING EQUATIONS WORKSHEETS SG 11 SR 11.1 SR 11.2 CH 11 Pract Probs ConceptReview1 ConceptReview2 BalEq BalEq1 BalEq2Word Equations Balancing Chem Eq Chem Reactions Bal Chem Eqs Bal Eqs w/s WritandBalEq1 WritandBalEq2 Predict Products Types of Rxns 1 Types of Rxns 2

MOLE WORKSHEETS Molec Wt PercentComp SG Ch 10 SR 10.1 SR 10.2 SR 10.3 FactorLabelNonSense FactorLabelMetric DimAnalysis Dimens. Analysis GramFormulaMass Moles of Elements Mole Guide Mole-Mole Pract Probs Some Mole Problems More Mole Problems Mol-Avagadro Mol-Mass Mol-Volume Mixed Mole Percent Comp Molarity Ch 10 Pract. Probs Limiting Reagent

STOICHIOMETRY WORKSHEETS SG 12 SR 12.1 SR 12.2 SR 12.3 CH 12 Pract Probs Molar Ratio StoichMol-Mol Stoich-Mass Stoich-Vol Mixed Stoich Limiting Reagent Stoich Probs 1 Stocih W/S 2 Molarity Stoich Packet

ACID-BASE WORKSHEETS SG 19 SR 19.1 SR 19.2 SR 19.3 SR 19.4 CH 19 Pract Probs Acid/Base Crossword Hydrolysis pH Scale pH Basics pH Basics 2 A/B Strength Acids W/S Key Terms A/B Titration BronstedLowry Chatlier ChatlierCont Conjugates Electrolytes Entropy EquilibConst GibbsFE Hydrolysis MolDillution pH Basics pH Basics 2

REDOX WORKSHEETS SG 20 SR 20.1 SR 20.2 SR 20.3 CH 20 Pract Probs OxidationNumber Redox Balancing Redox

REACTION RATE WORKSHEETS SG 18 SR 18.1 SR 18.2 SR 18.3 SR 18.4 SR 18.5 CH 18 Pract Probs


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Measurement Quiz Matter Quiz 1 Matter Quiz 2 Atomic Structure Quiz Electron Configuration Quiz Periodic Table Quiz Ionic Bonding Quiz Covalent Bonding Quiz Names/Formulas Quiz Molec Wt Quiz Balancing Eqs Quiz Stoichiometry Quiz Gaw Laws Quiz Water/Aqueous Quiz Solutions Quiz Thermochem Quiz Rxn Rate Quiz Acid-Base Quiz Redox Rxns Quiz Electrochem Quiz Organic 1 Quiz Organic 2 Quiz


Click on the LINK to transfer to self tests.

Measurement Quizlet Chem/Phys Change Quizlet Matter Quizlet Solutions Quizlet Periodic Table Quizlet The Atom Quizlet Electron Configuration Quizlet Bonding Quizlet Names and Formulas Quizlet Bal Eqs and Types or Rxns Quizlet Mole/Stoich Quizlet Gas Laws Quizlet Acid/Base/Redox Quizlet Radiation Quizlet


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About Online Testing: Although this course makes use of online testing, students collaborating to complete tests by using the same IP address, similar time codes, multiple access, or similar answer/error reports will receive a zero on their test and a referral for breaking the academic honor code. See the Academic Policy as listed on our school web site.

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Gas Laws
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